A typographic exploration based on the architect Rem Koolhaas. Koolhaas had won the Pritzker Prize back in 2000 and is known as a renowned architect. I related typography to his ideas of the Paranoid Critical Method. This method was borrowed from the surrealist, Salvador Dalí. Koolhaas had related his buildings to this method as being a synthetic reproduction of seeing the world in a new light in which it harvested unsuspected correspondences, analogies and patterns. 
Koolhaas' theory ultimately inspired a series of cards, posters and a book. The book design is based on being bounded by a rubber band. This rubber band corresponds to the unsuspected analogies of his buildings that is tangible and flexible. The typography within the book is angled in a way that relates to the angle of the rubber band.
Matte Paper #100, White Museum Board, X-Shaped Rubber Band
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